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Hi, my name is Mike Jacobson. I'm an enthusiastic Golfer and have been trying to improve my golf game over the last years using Golf Ebooks and Videos available for purchase on the Internet.

The net is currently swamped with golf swing systems, golf ebooks and DVDs, that claim to reduce your score by 7 strokes or more within days and eliminate any golf swing problems almost overnight. But do they really work?

I searched the Internet for any useful information and reviews about these Golf Swing Systems to find it out. But I haven't found any sites with reliable and unbiased reviews.

Thus I decided to create this Golf Swing Review site providing useful and unbiased reviews on the latest Golf Swing Ebooks and DVD available for sale on the Internet. I spent the last months to test those products and to collect other golfers' opinions and reviews from forums and customer tests.

The ratings are based on the results of hundreds of reviews by real people and my own experience. You have the opportunity to provide your own reviews if you have experience with a specific golf instruction product. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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FEATURED: Purepoint Golf Review

October 5th, 2007
Editor Rating:
Rating: 4.5


Purepoint Golf from Bobby Eldridge is claimed to be the Number 1 Internet DVD Golf Program. Does it really reduce the average golfers score by 7 strokes or more in less than 2 weeks? Read on to find out whether the Purepoint DVD series will help you to hit longer and straighter shots or whether it is just another rip-off.


What is PurePoint Golf about?

The Purepoint Golf DVD series started with the Full Swing DVD 2 years ago and has grown to six different golf instruction DVDs plus the Pure point Golf Apprentice Membership Program:


- PurePoint Golf Full Swing DVD

- PurePoint Short Game DVD

- Purepoint Putting DVD

- PurePoint Driver DVD

- Purepoint Bunker DVD

- How to hit a draw DVD


Now this covers the full range every golfer needs with exception of the mental game. But where to start? Do you really need all of them?


Who is Bobby Eldridge


First let'
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FEATURED: Simple Golf Swing Review

October 5th, 2007
Editor Rating:
Rating: 4

The Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt was one of the first Golf e-books available on the Internet.


The Simple Swing is available since 2002. David Nevogt claims that you can drop your score by 7 strokes or more in less than 2 weeks. Let’s get real. No golf system can guarantee that you’ll reduce your score by 7-12 strokes in 2 weeks. That’s what made me skeptical on the website of this product.


The truth is that David isn’t considering golfers who might already break 80 occasionally and simply cannot drop 7 strokes in just 2 weeks. Golfers in the high 70s or low 80s are happy if they can reduce their score by 2-3 strokes consistently.



Simple Golf Swing Review - What are the results?


I’ve used the techniques in the simple swing ebook, and dedicated 15 to the recommended drills each day for the first two weeks. If you have the time to invest 15 minutes 2-3 times a week for the next 2 weeks then read on…


I read the Simple Swing guide twice before I started practicing the drills. The drills and instructions are well structured and the details are explained step-by-step with photos. I found two illustrations hard to understand and it took me some time to understand it properly.


For two weeks I spent 15 minutes doing the drills at home after I returned from work in the evening. After three days I got used to the setup position and the downswing. The back swing still felt a little unusual, as I didn't move the body around my spine before.


After another three days I went out to the driving range to see first results. The first 5 shots with a 7 iron didn’t fly at all. I quickly checked the fix points - which are well explained in the manual - and discovered that my grip was wrong. After correcting the grip and adjusting the length of the back swing I started to hit them straight consistently. It feels quite easy and you keep a better control using a three
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Darrell Klassen Cut the Crap Golf - Never Fail Golf System Review

March 31st, 2011
Editor Rating:
Rating: 4.5

Are all the PGA Pros wrong and should you really stop believing the PGA teaching Pros and Golf Magazines? This is the controversial statement that Darrell Klassen make in this video on Cut The Crap Golf - Never Fail Golf System.


Is it just a marketing gimmick or is there really some truth? Personally I had some bad experiences with lessons I took from PGA pros and most of the tips you find in Golf Magazines are useless. That’s the reason why I decided to review Darrell’s Cut The Crap Golf program.



What is Cut The Crap Golf about?


Darell’s main principle is about learning to slice the ball. Once you understand this part everything should become easier. The whole method is
covered in 4 steps and it starts with Chipping. Darrell’s philosophy is to build your game up from the Chipping stroke.


The program is delivered in 4 Modules plus a Bonus section. Every Module consists of Videos (short to the point), a Webinar recording where members of
his program can ask questions and Darrell answers them, plus eBooks you can download to your PC and print out. Here are the details for each module:


Module 1:


The goal of Module 1 is to build the foundation. The focus is on the Chip Shot (part 1 of Darrell’s 4 Easy Steps Program and the Break 90 Every Time You
Play Program

There is a comment section from members with almost 300 posts. Darrell is personally answering questions and there are a lot of comment from people who
significantly improved their scores.


Module 2:


In this module you get access to part 2 of the Easy Steps, the Collar Bone Drill and another Webinar. In addition you get free access to a bonus product
called "Improve Your Golf Swing Indoors".


Module 3:


3 other Videos with focus on Full and 3/4 Swing plus another another Webinar answering member questions.
Darrell reveals the the full golf swing is just a combination of the Chip + the Half Swing. Interesting approach.


Module 4:


The final video of the 4 Easy Steps video where everything comes together. As a bonus you get access to "Putting Video Series"



What is the overall conclusion?


This is one of the best Golf information I found for a long time. The 4 Easy Steps Program is simple and straight to the point. These videos are around 10 minutes long without any fluff. No need to watch videos for hours. The system can be implemented instantly and I saw instant improvement in my Chipping.


Members can ask their questions and Darell personally answers them. He even does an online Webinar for each module. You also get an eBook for all videos for people who prefer reading over watching videos.


With all the Bonus modules you get additional indoor training tips, a guide on "How to break 90 every time you play", Putting Videos and much more.


The price of the program is $97 and it covers the short and long game method. No need purchasing separate programs.


I’m really pleased with Darrell’s Cut The Crap Golf and highly recommend it to all Golfers who want a more consistent Golf.

Here’s a special link to access Never Fail Golf System
for getting the special Bonus Module




Golf Swing Eureka Review

October 22nd, 2007
Editor Rating:
Rating: 2

Jon Barret the author of Golf Swing Eureka claims that he found a little known golf swing secret that cut his average round by 30 shots!

Let’s get real for a second. I haven’t come across any golf swing system that resulted in a drop of 30 strokes.

So the whole thing looks fishy at first glance…


What is Golf Swing Eureka about?


Golf Swing Eureka’s main topic is around comparing pro golf swings with average amateur swings and finding the differences. Jon calls these secrets "Eye Openers". There are 5 different "eye openers" explaining how to achieve maximum swing speed, how to start the downswing effectively and how to get the correct swing plane.

For each element you get a key swing tip that should help to implement the move. The ebook is 47 pages long and the different moves are shown with illustrations.


What I don’t like:

There are a lot of links to external web sites to get access to pro golf swing videos. I don’t like to click around the whole time. And if I want to print the Golf Swing Eureka ebook the links are useless.

Furthermore I had problems implementing the different swing elements. Golf swing thoughts are different for every golfer and I could not successfully apply the swing thoughts presented in the ebook.


So what is the verdict?


Golf Swing Eureka shows some interesting comparisons between a pro and amateur golf swing. But it’s not a complete step-by-step Golf swing system like the Purepoint Golf or Simple Swing system. I found it quite difficult to implement the various elements into my existing swing.

I recommend Golf Swing Eureka only for golfers who have already a consistent golf swing and want to gain extra distance using the wrists more aggressively.

Golf Swing Eurkea is backed up with a 8 week refund guarantee. 




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How To Fix Your Swing Plane by Nick Bayley Review

October 12th, 2007
Editor Rating:
Rating: 3

How To Fix Your Swing Plane is the latest product from Newzealand’s pro and director of instruction Nick Bayley.


If you visit the website here you can take the free golf swing test. It’s a 2 minute test to see if you have a serious golf swing fault or not.


It’s a very good test which I learned from one of my pros some years ago. I nearly forgot about it. But it’s very powerful and you can easily check your swing plane at home.


What is Your Golf Swing Test about?


Nick Bayley’s ‘How To Fix Your Swing Plane‘ is a detailed 38 pages guide focussing on instructions and drills how to fix golf swing plane problems. The swing plane is one of the most critical elements of the golf swing. If you don’t get it right you will not be able to hit long and straight drives.

The ebook starts with the setup lessons. You’ll learn the basic fundamentals to a successful golf game like grip,  ball position, posture and alignment. I’ve read many books and I normally don’t get to too excited about studying the fundamentals, but Nick explains it very well with helpful illustrations.

In the other chapters you get very detailed instructions and drills on how to achieve the proper golf swing plane. Nick Bayley teaches the one piece takeaway.


Nick Bayley’s Yourgolfswingtest - How good is it?


I liked the detailed swing plane analysis of some well-known pros. Nick compares the pro swing planes with the most common amateur golfer errors. I recommend to record your own swing with a digital camera or camcorder. You can then easily compare your swing plane with the correct ones of the pros. This helps you to chose the right drill to work on your golf game.

There are a lot of effective drills. They are explained step-by-step with illustrations. Some of them require a few things like a flashlight for instance. Ok this sounds strange, but it’s one of the most effective drills I’ve come across. The equipment required to do the drills is not expensive and once you have them together it’s easy to perform the drills. You’ll also need a digital camera to record your swing. You should perform the drill for 15 minutes a day to get used to the new movements.



What is the final verdict?


If you struggle with the correct swing plane I recommend to take the free test first. If you don’t pass the test you will definitely benefit from Nick Bayley’s guide. The guide is good toolbox for low, mid and high handicap golfers. I recommend to analyze your golf swing plane from time to time by recording it with a digital camera. When I analyzed my swing I was surprised how I did things differently than I thought.

The price for the guide plus some valuable bonus products is $47. Your investment is protected, if you don’t see any results you can get a refund in the first 8 weeks after the purchase




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Four Magic Moves Review

October 8th, 2007
Editor Rating:
Rating: 4

The New Four Magic Moves Golf Manual is an updated version of the classic book "The Four Magic Moves To Wining Golf" by Joe Dante and Len Elliot. Andy Brown discovered this classic and relaunched it as downloadable ebook with videos and audios.


The New Four Magic Moves follows a completely different approach than most of today’s golf swing systems teach. It’s a controvers system and you’ll see in a moment why.


Is is the solution for all our golf swing problems? Is is the ultimate cure for slicing or hooking? It’s a very interesting approach and if you want to hit your shots straighter read on…


The downloadable four magic move ebook comes as pdf file (acrobat reader) accompanied with audios that can be listened on your computer or MP3 players like iPod. 

I always prefer to see some images to be able to visualize the movements. So they audios are nice to be listened to in your car. But to effectively implement a golf swing move I prefer the book.


The book itself has 149 pages which are easy to understand and well written. The first three chapters describe the fundamentals like grip, ball position and stance. The second chapter is called ‘Sweeping Out The Rubbish" and clarifies some of the fallacies of golf. This chapter is very controverse and some of today’s well known pros will disagree with some of the statements (don’t turn the hips to the left in the downswing).


The next four chapters cover the four moves of the swing.The most radical element in this ebook is the technique explained to start the swing. It’s called the early break and you start the swing with a wrist break. Very unusal but it works! The explanation of each swing element is very detailed and comes with lots of pictures.


The last chapters cover the short game and trouble shots.



Four Magic Moves Review - What are the results?


I went out to the range to testdrive the Four Magic Moves system. The biggest change is the start of the backswing with an early wrist break. It looks strange but I was surprised how well it worked. The ball flight was straight after I hit the thirs shot. Once you master the first move you’ll master the other three swing elements quite easily.

What are the cons?


The start of the backswing looks a little funny. Golfers with a one piece take away will tell you that you’re doing something wrong and that you shouldn’t break your wrist too early. But as long as you see great results you shoudn’t worry about what your buddies or flight partners think.





The new Four Magic Moves is a controvese golf swing system, but very effective. The system can be easily learned and people who suffer from a bad swing or strong slice should give it a try. It doesn’t take long to master the first move and you can first results fast.

You get a 149 pages ebook and audios in MP3 format. As a bonus you get a powerful ebook about Golf Hypnosis.

It’s an unorthodox swing method but the results are interesting. If you’re looking for swing change you should give it a try.





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